About MLearning

Our goal is to ensure that needed performance and behavior result from your learning intervention. We offer the following services to aid you in achieving the outcomes you’re looking for.


MLearning is used widely across Michigan Medicine to schedule learning, to monitor completion and to assess competencies.  It is the UMHS learning management system for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of UMHS mandatory requirements, educational courses and training programs.

Mandatories and MLearning

MLearning and mandatory subject matter experts work in partnership on the development of mandatory content (in partnership with SMEs), oversight and governance of mandatory requirements, development of methodologies for automatic assignment of mandatories to specific audiences, and reporting of compliance percentages. Read More

Improve Your Teaching and Content Development Skills

MLearning recognizes excellence in teaching and learning and helps UMHS faculty and staff become better teachers, trainers, mentors, and leaders. Teaching is a skill that anyone can and should learn. Better teachers create better learning environments which in turn supports better learning, retention, and ultimately application of learning to patient care, safety, and quality. Read More

Instructional Design Services

The best way to meet educational goals and achieve strategic initiatives is usually through a combination of creating intentionality, rolling out a learning plan, measuring results, and reporting results. We can help you plan and implement at each step along the way.  We’ll help you create effective, engaging, professionally designed courses which fulfill your learning objectives. Read More

Learning Technology Needs Assessment

MLearning staff can work with you to identify technology requirements for your department and design a solution that uses existing technologies and imagines future technologies. We have expertise in requirements gather, technology design and development, and project management.

Learning Support Services

Need a custom report? Have a question about getting learning to your group? Need to know if MLearning can be used for a specific task? Contact us with your questions and requests.