Develop a Course

Collaboration Process

The eLearning team works with subject matter experts to develop a wide range of easy-to-access content so the right content is included in each of your learning programs. We enable access to content can be restricted by role, user attribute, or specific users. Versioning can be used to manage updates and changes to content with the ability to decide who needs to take which version. Review and Revise dates can be used to ensure your content is up-to-date, relevant, and correct.

Developing a learning activity is a highly collaborative process. Whether you are a seasoned educator, or this is your first project, the eLearning team can help you facilitate the process and improve your outcomes. We can:

  • Help develop or improve existing content
  • Help develop an educational program – needs assessment, content/materials design, communication, evaluation
  • Support implementation, delivery, tracking and reporting

eLearning activity development services are provided at no cost to UMHS departments. This includes a full range of instructional design services.

Focused Activities: If your project includes any nursing audience, please contact the PD&E E-Ed Team: Sheryl Woloskie, Lori DeVries, or Corinne Lee

eLearning Development Process

Your first step is to contact Michele Meissner at to discuss your project. You will work together to complete the eLearning Request Form. This will be your guide through developing your content so we do not expect you to have this completed prior to contacting us. We can help!

After the initial discussion, your project will be discussed at one of our eLearning project planning meetings which take place on Mondays. You will have opportunity to work with an instructional designer to help with any or all of the following:

  • outcomes/goals of the project
  • learning need
  • content development needs
  • evaluation of needs

Once your project is ready for development, you will be assigned an instructional designer (ID)/eLearning developer. The ID/developer will work with you to complete a eLearning Scope Document outlining the work needed and deliverable dates. At this point you will work directly with the ID/developer through completion of your project.

Project Statuses:

When submitting a project request, your project will undergo the following stages:

Under Consideration

We have taken your project request and it is being considered for Active status.

It is NOT actively being developed, nor is it in queue for Active status. Criteria for consideration for Active Status includes priority to the health system and available staffing resources.


Your project has been prioritized, but cannot yet be placed in the active development queue due to lack of resources.


Your project is actively being developed. Work we will do with you includes consulting and support on a learning needs assessment, development of outcome measures and outcome assessment tools and techniques, instructional design, or ‘do-it-yourself’ guidance.


Your project has been removed from the active project list. A number of reasons may cause this to occur. Reactivating a dormant/closed/cancelled project requires a resubmission of your project.