MLearning Education and Training Programs

EdDevImgMLearning Education and Training Programs

The program recognizes excellence in teaching and learning and helps UMHS faculty and staff become better teachers, trainers, mentors, and leaders. Teaching is a skill that anyone can and should learn. Better teachers create better learning environments which in turn supports better learning, retention, and ultimately application of learning to patient care, safety, and quality.

Skills you will learn by participating:

  1. Adult Learning Principles
  2. Educational Models
  3. Learning Preferences
  4. Domains of Learning
  5. Learning Needs Assessments
  6. Developing Competencies
  7. Identifying Objectives and Critical Behaviors
  8. Content Development, Evidenced Based and Critical Thinking Development
  9. Teaching Methods, including Using Technology
  10. Assessment, Test, Quiz Development
  11. Evaluation and Outcome Measurement

Program Offerings

Learning Catalyst Awards

Each year, UMHS staff members are recognized for their excellence in education, teaching and fostering learning for the UMHS community.

These annual awards are presented to individuals or teams who have demonstrated passion, excellence, creativity and innovation in support of staff education.

  •  The UMHS Excellence in Learning Award for Outstanding Staff Educator recognizes an individual, or team, that actively engages in staff or faculty education and training.
  • The UMHS Excellence in Leadership Award in Fostering Staff Learning is given to a manager or supervisor who demonstrates passion in supporting learning and continuously fosters excellence and innovation in staff and/or faculty personal and professional development.

2017 Learning Catalyst Awards

Educator Learning Series

Description: This series of presentations and training classes is designed to enhance your teaching, instructional design, and mentoring or coaching skills. Seminars and presentations are February – May and October – November at 1:30pm on the second Tuesday of the month. During active periods, you can find topic information on our Educator Learning Series webpage.

Facilitator, Instructor, & Manager Training Classes

All MLearning classroom training for Facilitators is accessible through MLearning. The following steps will assist you in searching and registering for a training class:

  1. Login to MLearning
    • If the ‘My Learning Plan’ page is not visible, click the ‘Me’ icon in the blue banner
  2. Click ‘Search’ in the left navigation
  3. Place the appropriate code into the search box:
    • Facilitator Training: MLRN-88888
  4. Click ‘Search Learning Catalog’
  5. Click the ‘Register’ link to enroll in a session

Manager and Instructor training is on demand. Send an email to to request manager or instructor training.