Mandatory Policies

2017 Michigan Medicine Institutional Mandatory Education Requirements

Michigan Medicine faculty and staff are required to complete the Michigan Medicine Institutional Mandatories listed in the link below. These will be completed and documented in MLearning. Department, area or role specific mandatories are not included. Contact your manager for information on other mandatory requirements.

View List of Mandatory Requirements.

Learn more about the Michigan Medicine Institutional Mandatory Education Leadership Committee.

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Definitions of Mandatory/Required Education

The terms “Mandatory” and “Required” are used interchangeably. “Mandatory” is the Michigan Medicine term, “Required” is the term in MLearning. “Mandatory” or “Required” means that the designated faculty and/or staff must complete the learning activity, usually within a prescribed time frame.

Institutional Mandatories/Required Educational Activities:
Educational activities that are required and meet the following criteria:

  1. Required by
    1. UHHC, EVPMA, and/or Medical School
      • Education is approved through an executive group
      • Education requirement is documented in policies/procedures or meeting minutes
    2. Regulatory agencies
      • Education requirement is evidenced in regulatory rules
  2. Education requirement impacts faculty and/or staff across disciplines/areas
    1. Examples are Fire and Safety, Critical Incident, General Safety, Infection Control

This does not include learning activities or competencies required by department or areas for specific staff.

View List of Mandatory Requirements

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Mandatory Accountability Guidelines

Accountability for compliance with Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory education activity requirements is the responsibility of the individual, the manager/supervisor of the individual and Michigan Medicine leadership

To ensure staff and patient safety and to meet legal, regulatory, accreditation, and/or Michigan Medicine policy requirements, documented compliance for each of the Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory education activities must be 100% of the required audience and
Documentation is recorded in the Michigan Medicine Enterprise-Wide Learning Management System

  1. Learning Management Services (MLearning) supports managers and staff to ensure accurate data within the Learning Management System
  2. Identity and requirements data in MLearning is maintained by the unit/area
  3. Faculty and Staff are notified of their annual Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory education activity requirements and responsibilities when the requirement comes due, and monthly until the activity is completed.
  4. The Manager is notified when the faculty and staff are required to complete any Michigan Medin institutional mandatory educational activity.
  5. Both the employee and manager will receive a reminder until the Michigan Medicine institutional mandatory education activity is completed.
  6. Michigan Medicine Institutional Mandatory Leadership Committee (IMLC) will report compliance at least annually to the EVPMA Cabinet.

To achieve 100% compliance, it is imperative that departmental leadership encourage/remind faculty and staff. If individual compliance becomes a performance concern, contact Human Resources Consultant for additional guidance and next steps.

Regular staff and faculty, temporary staff, students, vendors, contractors, volunteers and others are expected to complete all institutional mandatory education activity requirement(s) as a requirement of employment and/or affiliation with the Health System.

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Policy for Granting Credit when Mandatory is not completed by Learner

The Michigan Medicine requires that all faculty and staff complete their assigned mandatory education on an annual basis. Individuals are responsible for complying with this requirement. Managers and supervisors are responsible for overseeing compliance of their direct reports.

MLearning will mark an individual complete for an institutional mandatory under the following circumstances.

  • Staff person experienced a technical issue which didn’t allow them to complete the mandatory
  • If a staff person completes a patient care area mandatory but should have completed a non-patient care area mandatory.
  • If a staff person completes a clinician mandatory but should have completed a non-clinician mandatory.View List of Mandatory Requirements

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Mandatories and NEO

Staff are credited for completion of HIPAA and a few other mandatory topics upon completion of New Employee Orientation (NEO). See List of Mandatory Requirements for details of which mandatories are credited via NEO attendance and which must be completed online.

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