Instructor FAQs

Do I need to be a Facilitator in addition/instead of an Instructor?

The Instructor role allows you to manage enrollments for your Instructor-Led Training courses. However, you also need the Facilitator role if you are responsible for managing competencies, running compliance reports, scheduling classes, and setting up training requirements for your unit/department in MLearning.

To become an MLearning Facilitator, you need to complete a Mlearning Facilitator training class. Enroll in a class by logging in to MLearning, search for MLRN-80888 MLearning Facilitator Training in MLearning.

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How can I get a roster for my class?

Access the following Instructor Job Aids: Viewing the Instructor Schedule and Accessing the Class Roster and Viewing the Offering Roster. To see rosters of other Instructor classes, view the Accessing Rosters of Other Instructors Classes (via the Catalog) Job Aid. (Additional roster information can be found on the Instructor’s Job Aids page.)

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How can I send an email to all enrolled students?

View the Instructor Job Aid for Emailing Learners using Outlook.

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Where can I find instructions on everything?

Visit the Instructor Job Aids page for more information.

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If Learners do not pre-enroll or register, how can they receive credit for attending my class?

If you need to account for Learners who show up to your class, but have not registered or pre-enrolled, you can print and use this Participant Sign-In Sheet to record their attendance at your session.

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How do I mark no-shows?

View the Instructor Job Aid for Marking a “No-Show” Learner.

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How do I add a class or meeting to MLearning?

You can add an Instructor-Led Training (ILT) class to MLearning by submitting the following form:

How to add an Instructor Led Training Course

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