Manager FAQs

How do I get access to all of my faculty and staff?

Access to view, modify, or update faculty and staff information or learning plans is based on who MLearning believes reports to you. This information is not centrally maintained, but has to be maintained at the unit level. If you can see some, but not all of your faculty and staff in MLearning it means that some of your faculty and staff don’t have you assigned as their manager. Often times your MLearning Facilitator can fix this, but if you don’t have a Facilitator or need help with this, call us at 615-5146 or send an email to

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How do I get my in-services/faculty and staff meetings up on MLearning?

Inservices are called Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses in MLearning.

How to add an Instructor Led Training Course to MLearning

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Do I need a Facilitator in my unit?

Facilitators have the ability to update and track their department faculty and staff’s MLearning account and transcripts, run compliance reports, schedule faculty and staff into classes, and set up department training requirements. A Facilitator can also help you maintain your faculty and staff list correctly.

To become an MLearning Facilitator you have to complete our Facilitator training class. You can enroll for a class by logging into MLearning, search for keyword Facilitator, and enroll in a session. After you’ve completed this class, you’ll get Facilitator access to MLearning. An individual can have both Manager and Facilitator access in MLearning.

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What happens when one of my faculty or staff is terminated?

When employees are termninated from UMHS, they will be automatically retired in MLearning once HR processes the termination in MPathways. If you are still seeing terminated employees in your faculty and staff list, contact HR and make sure they’ve properly terminated the appointment.

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